Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blasphemy, by Douglas Preston

Blasphemy Blasphemy by Douglas Preston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Of all of the Preston books I've read so far, this one is my favorite. I love both science and religion, and the clash between them fascinates me. In most of the book, there is not the kind of gruesome ghastly murders in some of the recent Preston books I've read. However, it does get pretty gruesome and ghastly at the end. Like all the Preston and Preston and Child books, it hold the reader's attention from the very first. There are NO boring first chapters or first half the book. The reader is sucked in as into a black hole. I found it both highly interesting and highly entertaining.

Wyman Ford, ex-CIA operative and ex-monk gone PI is hired to investigate the Isabella project, a giant particle accelerator in the Arizona desert. The 12 scientists are exploring the big bang and some religious fanatics take issue with the government spending 40 billion dollars to attempt to disprove genesis. An old love interest of Wyman Ford's is one of the scientists involved. I hate reviews that give away the plot, so that's where I'll stop. I thought the entire thing was excellent including the ending MINUS the violence.

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