Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Check List of paperwork needed for Piano Boy’s Adoption

I spent a large part of the day today filling out an eleven page adoption application.  Still need to round up all kinds of paperwork before we can go in for our interview:

Biker Buddy needs to round up or acquire:
  •  a certified copy of Piano Boy's birth certificate
  •  Biker Buddy's birth certificate, certified
  •  Nightingale and Biker Buddy's marriage certificate, certified
  •  PL and Biker Buddy's marriage certificates, certified
  •  PL's death certificate, certified
  •  Biker Buddy divorce decree from Nightingale, certified
  •  Paperwork all filled out (including last page)(?)
  • Biker Buddy's driver's license (in Biker Buddy's wallet)

Mary needs to round up or acquire:

  •  Mary's birth certificate, certified (in leather travel fanny pack)
  •  Mary and NB's marriage certificate, certified
  •  Mary and DA's marriage certificate, certified
  •  Mary's divorce from DA, certified
  •  Mary's divorce from NB, certified
  • Mary's driver's license (in Mary's wallet—TAKE WALLET!)

We both (or either of us) need to round up or acquire:

  •  Our marriage certificate, certified
  •  Paperwork all filled out (including last page)(?) [This is done except the last page which Biker Buddy needs to do.


Nadine said...

Well, I need a nap just from reading all of that.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Me too! AK! Needless to say, the nearly completed application (part still left biker buddy has to do) went back in it's folder and into the file drawer without all that stuff. AK!

BerryBird said...

It shocks me that you need so much crap. The only three pieces that make sense are you and Biker Buddy's marriage certificate, Piano Boy's birth certificate, and PL's death certificate. The rest is water under the bridge.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I guess they are trying to prevent criminals and child molesters from adopting kids but sheesh, it's $200 to adopt him plus a $15-35 fee for each piece of the paperwork we do not have, plus all the time to locate the right agency etc. That adds up. We have very few of these items in hand.