Saturday, December 01, 2007

1961 again

I am working on a block cut for Christmas and I had gone down in the basement to look for my brayers (rubber rollers). I didn't find them, but I did find my diary from 1961 and am allowing myself to read one or two segments a day (I have too much to do to sit and read it).

Here's some of what I wrote on Friday, August 18, 1961(9:41 PM):

It seems as if my wonderful peaceful world has exploded. Dorothy, my best (and only) pal for over 12 years just left for camp. Although this doesn't seem that serious, in eight days they will return and move to Delaware for a year and i won't be here to say goodbye. Burnt Hills will be a different, sadder place without the many Sheffers.

What I didn't know when I wrote that was that in November of 1962, I would move away, just after the Sheffers' return from Deleware. Dorothy was not my only friend, but she was a very important friend. That day, August 18, 1961 was pivotal day in my young life.

Monday August 21, 1961, 9:56 PM

Today was another one of those dreary days since Dorothy left. It rained all day. I worked on my aquariums. After lunch, we played "Pit" and "I doubt it." Then I baked some yummy carob brownies {that was the year I gave up chocolate for a year in hopes it would help my complexion. it did.} Aunty Ann came out. We had a big dinner. Then I washed the dishes. It is good for Aunty Ann to get out of her shell once in a while. Too bad it doesn't happen often. {This was right after my grandmother died. My aunt lived with her until my grandmother died.} I hope she recovers soon. When she left, she took Tom {my brother} with her. Of course I didn't get to talk to Dorothy once all day.

PS: Mick Mather, Syracuse artist, invited me to contribute to his "Outer Dust Rings" Project (blog). I was very honored and we did a collaborative piece, Redhead Tern Festival in 101st Year, Migration. I'm pleased because it is humorous, though the humor will be much more obvious to those who live in Syracuse, NY. (I do not, but am stepped in Syracuse lore.)

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