Wednesday, December 05, 2007

T is for Toe

T is for Toe by Mary Stebbins Taitt

Hey, this is cool, I am catching 3 birds with one stone.

1)This is for ABC Wednesdays, which is on the letter T. See also "T
is for Tree

2)I'm still slowly working on my meme of things I like with letters of
the alphabet. I love Sophia's toes. What could be cuter than a
baby's fingers and toes? I did the standard thing when my babies were
born, I checked their fingers and toes--yup ten fingers and ten toes and so
tiny and perfect. And I love trees. Whenever I do gratefulness
lists, trees are right up their near the top. They are SO beautiful
and peaceful and serene--fractals they are, the organization of chaos.
The marriage of Goddess and Nature.

3)I am working on an Alphabet book for my grandchildren (but at the
rate I am going, I won't get it done on time, WAHN!) I am including
THEM as parts of the book.

Yesterday, I wasted almost the entire DAY trying to order a single
Christmas gift--and FAILED. I was so angry and frustrated, because I
needed to get it done AND I had other stuff to do too. But I started
over this morning and succeeded in ordering that gift and three
others. Phew. So, I have the right to take a short break by working
on another git--THIS ONE! LOL!

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coffeypot said...

Little toes like the ones in the picture are some of the best nibbling in the world.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

He he he he!

It's my grandaughter, Loren. She would giggle like mad.