Monday, December 03, 2007

Electrical storm, May 8, 1961

It begins with utter stillness, cold oppressing air. Lightning flashes across the sky. And then, stillness again.


Then wind, howling its fury, rages across the land. Lashing trees bend over, the small ones almost double, screaming in torment, cracking in agony. Rain pours down. Another flash of lightning illuminates the scene. A roar of thunder like a giant's bowling alley.

I feel small, but it pulsates through me, making me larger inside. I love a storm.

But Mrs. Austin is scared stiff.

(lol! I liked my power words at 14 almost 15!

More diary entries: on May 13th, 1961, I rode a power lawnmower and a motor scooter. Sometime between May 13 and May 18, I got a Siamese kitten from my English teacher. She was a purebred with a kink in her tail, so she couldn't be used for breeding. I named her Aphrodite and called her Taffy. On May 21st, I took a ride in a glider. 1300 feet up for a stupendous view. And so silent. On June 15, I received a certificate of service and bronze medal, but I don't tell what it was for. These were the exciting events in my life around the time I turned 15. )


coffeypot said...

Goes to show you that you are born with talent. You can't learn it. You can study and improve it, but if it isn't there...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Thanks Coffeypot, but You write as well as I do--look at your wonderful blog posts! And you have HUMOR!