Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Piano Boys' Recital duet

Last night was Piano Boy's Christmas Piano Recital. In the first picture, he's rehearsing with J while Mrs. L looks on and advises. The second is the actual recital. It went very well--Phew, because it wasn't good at the rehearsal! But they shone last night, and Piano Boy did a great solo, too! Piano boy is the one in the back, J in the front. Click images to view larger.


coffeypot said...

Playing the piano and picking the guitar are the two instruments I wish I could play. I did get kind’a descent on the 'tar before an industrial accident screwed up my right hand. But with the piano, I even had trouble playing chopsticks. He looks good, too. Go, Dude!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

He is very good. YAY Piano Boy.

I wish I could play too, used to play the organ, banjo, clarinet and guitar, but now I can't play anything.