Sunday, December 21, 2008


Johnny Norms made this cool picture for our Moleskine exchange.  I made it big and copied it and made it bigger and BOY do I have some of the same issues!  I am working on a novel (actually more than one of them), and on a poetry manuscript about a brain-damaged girl named Geraldine, and on a children's picture book, and on the sketch project, and on photography, and on Christmas gifts, cards, ornaments etc, plus I am a wife and mother and have often wished I could clone myself so I could follow various threads of interest.  I would also like a clone to learn music, something I gave up after school.  And one to do sports.

I figured that's where all the people on earth came from, because God kept cloning herself so she could try all the things she wanted to try, LOL!


Leah said...

lol! i like your theory!! the book "renaissance souls" was recommended to me recently because i was having the same trouble with wanting to clone myself to follow all my interests. it's been helpful!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I found the book on Amazon and checked it out a little--THANKS! I'd like to check it out more but have too much to do right now, really! LOL!