Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The man next door and the man down the street

I heard the plow coming on the far side of the street and dashed down to move my car into the driveway before he came back our side, but it was snowing so hard I paused to put on a coat and hat and gloves and boots and I was TOO LATE.  The plow came back up our side and buried my car which was parked in the street.  I was dismayed, but before I even started to dig it out, I dug out the end of the driveway of the man next door.  He complained that my car was causing the plow to leave more snow in his driveway (don't ask me to explain how).  So I went over and dug out the end of the neighbor's driveway.  After I finished that, I began digging out my car on the street. 

A man I don't know came down the sidewalk and offered to help.  He said, "You need to move your car into the driveway, you are causing a problem for this guy," and he indicates the house of the man next door.  He plowed along the side of my car, throwing the snow into the street, which is illegal, immoral and otherwise wrong.  He told me to move my car into the driveway.  I stood there staring at the driveway which was still full of snow, so he ran his snowblower up and down a car-sized portion of the end of the driveway and I said thank you and put my car into that section.  I then proceeded to shovel open my space.  I'd like to put my car back into it.  I do NOT know when BB will be coming home from work, but my guess is that he'll be pissed to see my car in the driveway blocking it so he can't get in.

The man down the street told me his name was Hank and that he lived at 425, 3 houses away from me.  I have been parking my car in that space on the street since 2002 (and all up and down this street and all the others, lots of other people have their cars in the street) and I do not understand why six years later, it is suddenly this huge neighborhood issue.  It makes me want to move back to NY or out into the boonies with a howitzer.  Apparently, I have to choose between angering my husband or angering my next door neighbor and the man down the street.  I'm in the middle taking $#!^ from everyone.  Happy Holidays, y'all--glad yr in the Holiday spirit. 

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