Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cute, but you can't tell here!

Today Piano Boy borrowed a suit and tie from K (I tied the tie for him) because he's going to be a weatherman for science--he was very excited about it and made a big weather map--did a good job, too.  I drove him to school because he had the suit jacket in the Louis bag and the big map.  He looked SO CUTE I would have loved to take a picture, but I didn't even bother asking as he is very anti-picture at the moment.  So imagine the boy, tall and slender, with dark curly hair and braces, bright blue eyes, quite cute, carrying a huge back pack, a Louis wardrobe bag and a big weather map.  It is in the twenties, cold, windy and icy, and he's wearing no hat or coat and no undershirt under his pink Oxford.  I let him out across from school in the dark at 7:30 AM and he's shivering and wants to dash in to where it's warm, but the traffic is heavy enough that he has to stand in his shirtsleeves in the wind and wait (I thought the car who had pulled in behind us was going to hit him.)  I hope it goes well.  He was practicing various weird weather-man voices.  His own voice would probably work best.

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