Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Turkey in my Backpack (Weird Green) and a recipe for Nadine

Yesterday, I walked to the store and bought a 15-plus pound turkey and carried it home in my backpack, which I also stuffed with a half gallon of milk, rice milk, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vanilla, 3 packages of raspberries, and a bunch of other stuff I'm now forgetting. Then I went back for a second trip for another half gallon of milk, two six-packs of beer, one six-pack of soda, and a bunch of other stuff, which I also carried home in the backpack.)

For Thanksgiving, we had a crown roast of pork, and I missed my turkey, felt very sad and deprived. So we had a whole second Thanksgiving yesterday with all the fixings so that I could have a turkey--and turkey soup, turkey croquettes, turkey spring rolls etc. My small contribution to the environment was to walk to the store (not drive, as everyone else around here does) and to use reusable carrying equipment (backpack) (rather than disposable bags that are bad for the environment).

Nadine over at In Blue Ink mentioned in a comment on one of my posts that she likes recipes with only a few ingredients, so here's a

3-ingredient pie recipe [with cheats]:


  1. 3-5 packages of fresh berries (I used raspberries and blueberries for this pie)--use whatever berries you like that look good--or apples, peaches, other fruit.
  2. a package of Pillsbury pie crust in the refrigerator section
  3. 3/4 c sugar, and . . .
  • a pie tin or dish if you don't have one. I used a small disposable one that I didn't dispose of from a previous pie. I wanted to make only a small pie--we still have leftovers from Thanksgiving.

Read all the way to the bottom before beginning! Set out pie crusts in their plastic sacks to warm. Preset oven to 425 (I used 325 because I was roasting the turkey at the same time--it worked fine). Carefully unroll the pie crusts and lay one across the pie tin, pressing it gently into the shape of the tin. Dump in enough berries to fill tin. I needed three packages for this pie (and a few more from a fourth, but the bigger pies I made last Wednesday required more.) [OR slice apples, pears or peaches etc) into the pie crust.] Add 3/4 c of sugar (that's an average amount, you can add more or less if you want a sweeter or tarter pie--mine came out PERFECT!). OK, here' a "cheat" To make the juices thicken some, add a heaping tablespoon of flour to the sugar (on top, or better yet, mix it in). (You can also use cornstarch, tapioca, etc., or some combination). Add the top crust and seal it to the bottom crust by rolling or fluting. Add a little water between the edges if they don't seal. Make a slit or two or a design on top with a knife to allow for the escape of steam. Bake 25-35 minutes until crust is browned and the juices begin to bubble out slightly. If the crust is browning too quickly around the edges, cover them with foil. (or you can do it prophylactically at the beginning.) (My pie got overdone slightly but still tasted great--I was playing a game with PB at the crucial moment.) Cool on a rack for at least ten minutes before serving. Serve with vanilla ice cream (or plain).

OK, cheat #2: I had used one of my crusts for a lemon meringue pie so I made a crumb topping: 1 c rolled oats, 1/2 c flour, 1/4 c brown or white sugar (I used half and half), 1/4 c butter or canola oil. Mix well, spread over top of pie.

Cheat #3: to keep the ingredient list down to three ingredients, I did not mention cinnamon. It's not necessary to the pie. However, I prefer it with cinnamon and used cinnamon and some nutmeg--A BIG sprinkle of cinnamon, about a teaspoon full, probably, and a small sprinkle of nutmeg (1/4 teaspoon), added right before you add the top or mixed into the sugar.

Pies are fairly forgiving of certain things, you can be very flexible with ingredients and temperature and still get a good pie.

If you want to make your own pie crust, you need to be aware that that's the hardest part of making a pie. You will need flour, water or milk, oil, lard, butter or vegetable fat. There are many recipes. I use an oil recipe because I am allergic to butter and Crisco. And lard tastes greasy to me. You will also need a rolling pin or wine or beer bottle with the label removed [or you can use your hands, but it won't work as well. Here's one recipe, you can find lots more on-line or in a cookbook.

* 2 3/4 cups sifted all-purpose flour
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1/2 cup vegetable oil
* 1/2 cup milk


1. Mix flour and salt together. Pour milk and oil into one
measuring cup, do not stir, and add all at once to flour. Stir until
mixed, and shape into 2 flat balls. Wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate
for 15 minutes or more.
2. Roll out on lightly floured surface. (I use wax paper with
flour on both the top and bottom).

Making your own is more economical and more environmental, so you can get brave and try this after you try my simple three ingredient pie a few times. It is more environmental not to us waxed paper, but it makes it easier, helps keep it from sticking to the counter or tabletop, and cleanup us easier too.


Nadine said...

It does sound fairly easy, and even 5 ingredients is pretty reasonable. There will be no making of my own crust though.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The crusts are kind of tricky.

But the store-bought ones taste good and are EASY!

BerryBird said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff to carry home from the grocery store in just two trips. I'm impressed.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It WAS a lot--I didn't even list it all--but I've been doing that almost daily and often have a lot.