Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good in Bed (updating my reading list)

Don't worry, I'm not going to go into my sex life, at least, not on this page. I am simply updating my reading list--or should I say, in this particular case, my listening list. I've started listening to Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed while exercising and at night when going to sleep if Keith hasn't come in yet, etc--that is, only when a CD player is handy and I'm not working on something that takes my attention. Or, at least not too much of it.

I am also still listening to Cider House Rules--in a tape recorder not a CD player.

And in addition to still reading Tag-a-long Too-loo, The Mineral Palace, Home Ground, Oaxaca Journal, Captains Courageous, etc, I have also begun seriously reading Suddenly Fruit, Linda Pennisi's new book. (I had been just sort of perusing it).

Good in bed is depressingly like my own life in some ways, and not because I'm good in bed. It is kind of funny and poignant, though! So far. I just learned about Nifkin---hmmmm! Nifkin lounge at ESF?

If you noticed the used tag on the CD box, I like buying books and tapes and CDs used. Not just because I'm unemployed and hopefully frugal, I also believe in recycling--it's good for the environment!

P365-07B. I was away all day yesterday so to keep up my 365 "commitment,"* I shall have to backpost something, but we are about to leave to be away all day today too, or at least a good part of the remaining portion of the day! Going to explore a new park where we're never been, Algonac State Park. And yes, we have lots of pictures from yesterday's trip to Jackson--but no time right now to post any.

*see earlier posts about the degree of my commitment here. LOL!

PS, this is not my photo, but a scan, obviously, of the CD cover. I said I would say if photos we not mine. So, there it is. Posted by Picasa


Nadine said...

I hope you like it. I really like her writing style and her characters. Some of her plots head a bit too far into fairy tale land (or Hollywood land, as the case may be), but she's on my "if they write it, I will read it" short list.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

So far I am enjoying it, though some of the problems come a little too close to home! LOL! But interesting and funny! :-D

Nicole said...

Ooooh, another book to keep me from my studies. Good times. I love used DVD's. Hate buying things like that new, feels like such a waste.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I like it enough to NOT sell it back, but to keep it, at least for a while, to listen to again and/or share with friends.

I always buy them used if possible!

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