Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Whimpers

I had to lay on my belly in the snow--and it was cold and wet--in order to take this picture, and why, you might ask? I'm not sure why at tthat moment it appealed to me. Dunno.

I do know that with my mother's death, I am even more time conscious than normal. I'm next in line.

Silly you may say. Anyone may go next, with the simple roll of a die.

True, I might reply. But the die is weighted toward the elderly.

I'm now the family matriarch on one side of the family, but I still feel like a kid. But Mom, do I HAVE to grow up? Mom, are you listening?

Anti-whimper: I did post one more chapter in my novel, Frog Haven, Chapter 10, and I hope to post more soon. To explain (after severl questions), this is NOT the first draft, but revision drafts. Whimper: And I am posting them as a sort of safeguard because my old computer died with several manuscripts on it that did not have adequate back up--and thousands of pictures with no back up. Including some good ones and many with personal significance.

Anti Whimper: Later; OK, I finally got Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 posted. Phew. Posted by Picasa

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BerryBird said...

You should invest in an external drive for backing files up. SodaBoy just got a new one yesterday. Except you already have one don't you? Seems like you brought it here with you when you stayed with us.