Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Reading Remarks

I've started on another of my Christmas books, The Snow Queen, by Joan D. Vinge. I am on page 56 and am really liking it so far. It's by the same author as another recent book, Psion, which I also liked. I find the complex worlds intriguing. Both books are the first books in a series, a four-part series for Snow Queen and a three-part series for Cat (Psion). Apparently, the second book in the Snow Queen series is currently out of print and I shall have to look for it at Books 4 Less or order it used on-line.

Next time I finish a book, I am going to take all the other recently finished books in the sidebar and use them to start a 2007 reading list, which I will update as I go along. Some of those books were mostly read in 2006, but I will include them anyway if I finished them in 2007.


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BerryBird said...

Haha! The listmaking: it's contagious. I'll see you December 31 for The Year in Books Meme.