Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another Meme, part 1-Z is for Zoo

FeeFiFoto (what a great name!) tagged me for another meme. Being an uncompliant dob, I can't follow the rules. You can read about them here, or do it your own way. Essentially, you tell something you like starting which each letter of the Alphabet. Backwards--or not. I like doing it backwards, as FeeFi suggested, but I am going to do ONE a day, or ONE whenever I have time, starting with Z.

Z--I love going to the Zoo--it is fun to see and photograph the animals. I don't like the fact that they are in captivity, but in some cases, if they weren't, they'd be extinct.

Z-Zebra--pronounced ZEB-ra (not ZEE-bra)--I loved the Zebras in Europe, where you could theoretically safely cross the road. It was very theoretical, however, with crazy drivers and narrow narrow streets. I liked them so much I took a number of photos of the striped zebras, but none happen to be handy and but the handy dandy otter from the Detroit Zoo is.

Z-Zamboni--I recently heard on NPR that Charles Schultz had two Zambonis. Who knew? There's one near here and sometimes when we are out walking, Biker Buddy peers in the window at the ice arena and watches it. I liked to do that too--at first, but all right already. What I used to like at old home town was the "snow" they left outside in the summer. Reminds me of alpine glaciers and my horse research in Idaho.

I'm not officially tagging anybody, because memes can be a burden if you're busy, but if you have time and happen to be reading my blog and want to play along with either my version or Feefi's, let me know. Blue Rose? Nadine? Berrybird? JoAnn? Coffeypoy? Anyone?
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FeeFiFoto said...

What a remarkably fantastic idea! I can't wait to see all the installments.
Check out this link:
for, among other things, a Zamboni Monopoly token, as well as a remote control Zamboni.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, FeeFi! I think it will be fun. I was thinking of doing YURT tomorrow, but I may have to postpone that until the next time this meme comes around--and they almost always come around more than once once they get loose in cyberspace.

I'll check out the Zamboni site when Biker buddy is here to enjoy it to--he works Saturdays.