Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shoot me already

I have so much to do but I keep being distracted by what seems like a simple task but turns into a time sink and then because of insomnia etc, I screw up on top of that. This is the result, but NOT the intended result. OK, shoot me already. Now I have no time left to explain.

I saw on Coffeypot a meme which by the way was very funny the way he did it. One of the questions was, if you you could have one person in the world die, who would it be? I think it's an offensive question and I don't want to wish death on anyone. (I did that once and they actually died and I've been feeling guilty, though not regretful, ever since--and I had nothing to do with it.) However, if there WAS one person who I would ship off to another distant planet somewhere, one with air and food and water so they wouldn't die, but couldn't hurt anyone, it would be George Bush. I think he is doing more harm to the world than all the terrorists combined. Of course, if I was at the World Trade Center, or knew someone who was (I only knew people who knew people), maybe I wouldn't feel that way.

I would ship all the terrorists, rapists and abusers there too--anyone who abuses their wife, children, employees, friends or animals. All the thieves including corporate thieves. All the advisors to George Bush. The vice president. All the oil people in Iraq and elsewhere. Anyone who wants to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge. All the mean people. They would all have a good time together and probably totally ruin whatever poor planet they got sent to but this one could finally begin to heal. Oh wait, maybe that planet is more important than those evil people. I'll have to send along an army to keep the polluters in line. People who are mean and bossy and like enforcing rules.

I don't like to talk about politics on my blogs because I am afraid that 50% of the few readers and visitors I have will leave permanently and never come back. I hope if you are a bloggy friend, you will stay one and allow me that right to disagree with you and I will allow you the same.

I'm not doing the rest of the meme--I wasn't tagged anyway and I do not have time!

Well, I am still here so I might as well say part of what went wrong with that image I never intended to waste so much time on anyway--for one thing, I sandwiched several images, and one set has straight horizons and one didn't and that made everything off by just a little. Very annoying. And a waste time, but there it is. What a dunce. I hate it when I'm a dunce. I seem to be more and more often. This post is starting to sound like it should be on Unbearable Darkness instead of here. OK, gotta RUN! AK!
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