Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Y is for YELLOW and for YOU

I love yellow--it's such a cheery color. Of course, I don't want to be a yellow-bellied sap sucker (otherwise known as a wimp) (But I am, sometimes, anyway!). I like yellow warblers in the yellow birches. When I was doing my horse research in Idaho, I had a hawk next above me and a yellow warbler nest in the same tree! YAY!

I like YOU, too, if you're here reading this, because otherwise, why would I bother? THANKS! :-D

I like yummy, yummy is a pleasure to eat.

I like YAY! That means something has happened worth celebrating. I like YEBA because that means I am celebrating with my Filipino friends. Yippee and yahoo are good words too.

I like yoga and do some every morning and sometimes other times.

I like youth and wish I could stay young (fat chance). I'd like to grow younger physically but keep the accumulated wisdom (hah).

I love Yellowstone National Park. What a great place, especially off-season!

I like the Y-chromosome for giving my a foil for my double X.

I like Yahweh and Mrs. Yahweh for being so loving.

I like reading about the medicine men of the Yaqui.

This is page 2 of my 26-page meme on things I like with letters of the alphabet backwards. If you join me, let me know so I can read what you wrote. I am way behind on my email and commenting so be very patient 'til I get caught up.
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dianeclancy said...

Hi Mary,

These photos are stunning!

And I like you too!

~ Diane Clancy

FeeFiFoto said...

I love what you're doing with this meme. And by the way, you've won my gift certificate giveaway. Please email me at: smile@feefifoto.com and I'll send you a purchase code. Thanks. Sharyn