Friday, February 01, 2008

Another Chapter in Waking up, A spy i...

Another Chapter in Waking up, Spies in the Land of Dreams

After being really busy for several days and not having time to write, I got up this morning and said, "Dang it, I am GOING to get some writing done, and I did.  I wrote one more chapter in
Waking up, Spies in the Land of Dreams.  YAY!  Dunno if it will ever amount to anything, but at least I did it.  (For whatever that's worth.)

    The new chapter is
Chapter 5:  The Underground Sun and a Trip to the Moon.  It's an unfinished first rough draft, I haven't even spell-checked it yet.  I'm putting it on-line for safety, another copy that I can access from anywhere if I need to.  I am really paranoid about it because I have lost several other complete or partially completed manuscripts because of computer failures.

So here are the chapters so far:

Prologue and Chapter 1. The Thugs
Chapter 2: Detention
Chapter 3: Persephone's
Chapter 4: Danger
Chapter 5: The Underground Sun and a Trip to the Moon

I am not expecting you to rush over to DreamlitG and read these, since they are just in rough draft form at this point.  If you are curious, you can look, or not.  Or just wait.  Or not even wait.  Whatever.  I am just pleased to have come this far on the journey and wanted to share my sense of accomplishment and despair with you, LOL!

I haven't done anything else, I haven't eaten breakfast, dressed or done any exercises or showered or shoveled snow in the driveway.  I just wrote.  Sometimes I worry that this work has no value.  Meanwhile, I'd better get started on the rest of my day, I do have other things to do.  :-D

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