Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mall Walking and Fast Food

I am sick again and it was a DISMAL day, so we went up to Lakeside Mall for a little walking and a little shopping. We went late because BB read to me etc first. While we were there, Piano Boy called from Landslide Skate Park where he'd gone with two friends and wanted BB to pick him up at 9. It was about 7 then. The skate park is very near the Lakeside mall and more than a half hour from home. Once BB agreed to do it, we had two options, three really--eat there and hang out, drive home, eat and drive back, or wait 'til after 9:30 to have dinner.

We considered stopping at Andiamo, the Italian Bistro, but every time I eat out, I get sick. I have so many allergies and the foods I am allergic to are so ubiquitous that it is virtually impossible for me to eat anywhere but home and stay healthy--and I'm already sick--with a wretched, rotten cold.

So we drove home. On the way home, I told Keith what we were going to do--we were going to make pork marinara over polenta. I instructed him what to do and the minute we walked into the door I sliced the polenta and started it frying in olive oil, while he cut garlic and pork. I made from scratch very fast marinara with lots of wine and mushrooms and spinach and spices, We tossed in the pork and more mushrooms that had been sauteing in garlic, ladled it over the fried
polenta and presto, within 12 minutes we had a yummy Italian dinner with spicy sauce--and it was very good.

Food fast, but not "fast food!"

BB said as he hurriedly stuffed his face, "$28.00 a plate at Andiamo
for this, and extra for salad, wine and dessert." And then he drove away to get PB and his friends.


Nadine said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but I'm glad you got to eat quick, healthy food. It sounds delicious (well, other than the pork). I would like some of that yummy soup you used to throw together.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I make yummy soup for lunch almost every day. And sometimes for dinner. I'd be happy to share.

I'm still sick. PB has been sick over a week and missed a lot of school last week.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I don't think I'm as sick as PB though, so far, knock on wood.

coffeypot said...

Hope all of you get better soon. Soup is good for what ailes ya.