Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ice and Snow!

We had a thaw with lots of rain that melted most of our beautiful snow, followed by freezing rain that left a layer of ice on everything, followed by more snow. BB and I shoveled last night for 23 minutes together. He started at one end, I started at the other, and we met in the middle. Around us, we could hear snow-blowers churning out noise and fume and scratched our heads. Why would anyone want to ruin the silence of a snowy night with all that noise and stink? I could understand it if we had a lot of snow, but we only had about 4 inches and it was pretty light. But still snowing.

We went out for a walk and took a bunch of pictures with the camera on the tripod.

This morning I got up and there were two more inches of snow on the ground. Some people still hadn't shoveled. Which is okay with me. I just went out and shoveled again. It took me nineteen minutes to shovel the driveway, the walk,and the path. Got some fresh air and exercise and luckily, no one else was out making noise and stink, so I got to enjoy the birds and squirrels.

The picture of a local church was one of the ones we (I) took last night. Click image to view larger. See more images from last night here and here. The red color is a result of the street lighting and red color reflected from businesses off the sky.


Nadine said...

My policy is that if I can drive through it, then it stays right where it is. If I can't drive through it, then it gets snowblowed. I hate shoveling with a passion and would prefer never to bother. I don't even shovel my own walk. That's what boots are for, and it's not like I want anyone to come a-calling...

coffeypot said...

Get an electric snow blower. They do make them, don't they? Or just stay home, then you won’t need the driveway cleared. Or park on the street. Or get a snowmobile. Or a horse and sled. Or an electric sled. Or move South.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Moving south sounds good about now.

When I lived in old home town, I only shoveled when absolutely necessary and sometimes parked my car near the end of the driveway--but not too near. But with the cement driveway, if you don't shovel and you drive on it, it's like a glaze and hard to walk on. And BB likes to keep it shoveled so I get with the program.

Anyone know a good place down south?

bluerose9062 said...

The beaches are definitely prettier in Florida than Texas. If you don't like it flat, I recommend Mazatlan or Puerto Vallerta. I laugh because Coffeypot keeps telling you to move south.

This photo caught my eye, because the colors make it look so surreal. Cool!