Saturday, February 02, 2008


Up and down the street, the Christmas trees appeared at the curb like clockwork on January 2.

Our came down today, February Second, Midwinter day, or Imbolc.  The taking down of the greens.  I was sick and we had a lot going on but we managed it at the eleventh hour.  Good thing, too, because it was the only Imbolc celebration we had.  Maybe tomorrow.

Imbolc.  Midwinter.  It's humpday for winter.  The sun is higher and stays out longer.  There's a lag time, of course, takes a while for the warming.  We're getting so out of touch with the earth.  I don't even know if the ground hog saw his shadow--but whether he did or not, there will probably be at least 6 more weeks of winter here.

Hmm, lets count that out.  3 months is 12 weeks.  With Humpday being half that, that leaves 6 weeks of winter.  And since our winters rarely end on March 21, there'll be a few after that.  No rocket science here, except for the monkey wrench of global warming.  Oops.

Happy Midwinter Day.  It's about half gone.  YAY!


Nadine said...

I can never remember whether shadow means winter or no winter, but whatever happen it was the one that means 6 more weeks of winter. Duh. Really? I coulda told ya that!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It's counterintuitive--the shadow mean six more weeks of winter.

(Which,a s we both said, will happen anyway most winters--I remember ONE where it didn't!)

BerryBird said...

I am fascinated by the convergence and/or evolution of holidays: IMBOLC --> Candelmas --> Groundhog's Day.

coffeypot said...

So, are you a Druid, or what? I’ve never heard of this.