Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the plot thickens

Handsome Polite Boy called after PB left to go swimming with with Nice Smiling Boy and wanted to know if PB was coming to his party and I said yes, PB had said he was going there later and he said was I OK with that? I said, why, what kind of party is it, and he said, a sleepover. PB did not mention going to a sleepover to me this morning, he just said he was going to Handsome Polite Boy's party. So I told Handsome Polite Boy that PB was grounded from sleepovers and why--3:45 AM incident with girls and police at last sleepover with skater boy--and called BB to make sure--and BB said yes, he was grounded for sure. So it looks like PB was trying to sneak away and just not come home so we couldn't tell him no. He left this AM without doing his chores or his practicing. I'm afraid he is turning in to a bad kid. :-( WAHN! And he keeps wanting more privileges and saying he is responsible. One doesn't become responsible by making pronouncements, but by behaving responsibly!!!

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