Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last night, PB made three microwave dinners at 11:15 at night and then through one of them away untouched.  There was nothing wrong with it.  I know this because I removed it from the trash and ate it so as not to waste it.  :-(    But I didn't need the food.  I hate it when he does stuff like that.  He skipped his practicing, created a big mess in his room, and did nothing but play on his computer and hang out with friends.  I want him to have fun, but a little bit of responsibility goes a long ways toward pleasing parents!!!  He seems to have NONE!!

To-do, PB, June 19, 2008


do not leave the house or use your computer until you have done the following things:

  1. clean the birdcage, including cleaning the water dish, getting rid of all the old papers, shaking the seeds out of the pan and wiping with a paper towel, dampened, cleaning the mirrors, vacuuming the seeds, replacing the plant etc.  do it correctly.
  2. clean your room!!
    1. put hamper in closet and clear a path to hamper
    2. pick up dirty clothes and put in hamper
    3. clear a path to your bed
    4. neaten/clean your room
    5. return all dishes and silverware to kitchen
    6. recycle all old papers and notes appropriately
  3. DO YOUR PRACTICING, you missed yesterday
    1. run through all your recital pieces
    2. spend a little time working on the new pieces.

DO NOT VISIT FRIENDS or USE YOU computer or IPOD until you have returned that textbook to school!!!!!

You are in danger of losing privileges!  FIRST WARNING!

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