Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Morning Garden Report

Morning Garden Report I just checked the gardens, as I do every morning, and that volunteer tomato that got dug up is still alive--but barely. It's been further ravaged by what I believe to be slugs from the evidence. Usually the advantage of volunteer tomatoes is great hardiness, but this poor thing has been uprooted and left all day in the hot sun and then all night and ravaged by slugs so its hardiness is compromised, and the yellow squash the slugs have ravaged is hanging in there still, but VERY PUNY. I think there might be poison ivy growing in the veggie garden which if so we have to eradicate it!!! AK--they're very small and seem to have sprouted from seeds, as they has cotyledons! I may never have seen them before!!! But I just googled them and the few that I found on the internet (Didn't want to spend too much time at it) did not have the HEART-SHAPED cotyledons the seedlings I found have. But the tiny new leaves sure look like poison ivy--I'll have to watch them closely and see and be ready to rip them out. Now I am curious. Anyone know something with heart-shaped cotyledons and poison-ivy-like leaflets?

Before we leave for NY, I want to plant the tall yellow marigolds I recently purchased but haven't had time to plant.

Late Breaking news: I got all the yellow and orange tall marigolds planted in pots and in the gardens.

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