Thursday, March 22, 2007


Happy Spring. It was warm today, and sunny, and almost felt like summer, but it didn't look like it. There is still ice on the lake wall and ice in the canals at Belle Isle. But it's the beginning.

I had a doctor appointment today and if I have time, I'll write about it at The Unbearable Darkness of Being. I may not have time. I am working on my novel and a children's picture book and my mother's memorial service.

Graham had a doctor's appointment too. He's trying out for track. Basically, I was busy all day with doctoring, but between the two appointments and in the evening, I finished another complete draft of my children's novel, Frog Haven. I haven't had time to post any more chapters, though.

And no, it is NOT done yet, not ready to send out. There is a whole long list of additional tasks I have to do besides the proofing and revisions I just completed. I'm working on it. I'll let you know. I've kind of fallen off the radar. But I guess that's OK, I need to do my work. I MISS YOU ALL, though. Posted by Picasa

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