Sunday, March 16, 2008

7 weird, random or inconsequential things about me Meme (yet again)(LOL!)

Seven weird, random or inconsequential facts about me: (I've done this meme or one like it about 4 times now, so I may be repeating myself or getting out there.) I got tagged by Blue Rose to do it again, so here I go:

1)If you haven't figured it out yet, I LOVE FLOWERS! All kinds of flowers. And I love photography.
2)I'm obsessive compulsive about homework. I always do the very best I can in the time I have available. These are homework assignments (exercises) I did last night for water media class but I still have more to do.
3)I have a cockatiel named Rocky (originally acquired for my daughter.) He used to fly free but now is confined to a cage.
4)I have fuzzy slippers
5)I am way behind on my email and snailmail
6)I love houseplants
7)My husband, Biker Buddy, and I are always playing and being silly when we have time together. That's us in a store window on Mack.

OK, well, if you want to participate, I hereby tag Nadine, Berrybird, Imperfect Nerd, Andree, Coffeypot, No More Empty Fortune Cookies and YOU if you are reading this! However, if you've already done it and can't think of anything else or don't have time, just forget it and leave me a little love note instead, lol! You do not HAVE to post pix to go with yours, but since Blue Rose did, I did too. I am sorry I haven't added links yet, I may or may not have time to do it later.

Click images to view larger. Click here to view the red face monotone water color image ("Remembering") larger still.


Andrée said...

Did it! And thank you. I enjoy this one.

Andrée said...

Oops. I hit return before I finished my comments.

I'm glad you are behind on mail. I'm behind on everything. I've been auditing this class this semester and I can't even keep up with the reading. And I love your slippers. And I hope that one day I can, again, have fun like you and Biker Buddy.


No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

done! :) thanks! that was fun! I enjoyed yours.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! Thanks Gals, I will be over to visit soon--we're about to make dinner and listen to the Doors.

Biker Buddy is working 58-hour weeks and I'm busy with my homework, but we do still have time to play.

AH the Doors! Here they are, nice and loud. "Break on through to the other side!" We mostly listen to classical music, but sometimes you gotta break out.

bluerose9062 said...

Ohhh! I love cocketiels! I used to have a couple of breeding pairs. Sometimes I hand fed the babies. I kept 2 of the babies, and named them Blanca and Woodstock. Woody, as he became known, was named after the Peanuts character.

58 hour work weeks, Uhg! Yea Jim Morrison!

Thanks for doing this again!