Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's already tomorrow!

I am just back from a half-hour walk--been SO ridiculously busy that I didn't get my walk in today and I refused to go to bed without it.  Does it count as Friday's walk if it's already Saturday when I get it finished?  I hope so--I haven't been to bed yet.

We had dinner with Soldier Boy and Soccer girl et al tonight at--catch this--a Vietnamese restaurant which was excellent but not as good as Mai Lan, my favorite.  I had spring rolls (raw) and fried spring rolls on vermicelli--the spring rolls raw were super but the fried ones on vermicelli were not as good as the ones at Mai Lan.  I also had some Pho (soup) and everyone had lots of it--except Biker Buddy who had sweet and sour catfish soup which was fantastic.  The three grandchildren ate really well (I always expect kids to be fussy like all 3 of mine were/are) and were incredibly well-behaved.  I took lots of pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.

Then we went to a Chinese grocery where they had dead chickens with their heads still on and live crawdads by the hundreds crawling over each other in a bin and huge live crabs and fish and all kinds of interesting things with Chinese lettering (I didn't know what most of the stuff in the rows and rows of stuff was).  I got some spring roll wraps--the raw kind--and can 't wait to try making some--but I may have to wait if things don't settle a little--if you've been commenting or emailing and haven't gotten a response, I hope to catch up someday.  Call me if it's an emergency!

Then we went to Soldier Boys house and played with the robot vacuum cleaner--I may need to get one of those!!  And I drew a new picture in the car on the way there and drew bunches of pictured for little grandson while I was there.  We got home at 11:30 PM and I went out walking as soon as I could bundle up enough--it is COLD , windy and snowy.

Tomorrow Piano Boy plays at Piano festival and then we are taking him to look at electric guitars because he's singing in a garage band.  But we're expecting lots of snow so maybe they will have to go without me.  There's no end to the chaos in sight right away, sorry to say.  Hope things are good with you!  Don't expect an immediate reply if you comment/email me!  (Sorry!)


Nadine said...

Well, at least you're not getting bored. :-)

Sounds like that grocery store would've made for an interesting photo shoot.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It was--and I would like to go back and take more--we had a monstrous gang with us so I didn't take as many as I'd like--but I did take some! YAY!

You can see them here.