Saturday, March 29, 2008

Make a Wish Meme

I got this meme over at Everything in Particular, of which I am a
member. However, since there was some controversy there, I made my own
skywatch picture for making a wish. If you want to participate, go
to Make a Wish for the guidelines.

I am going to make more than one wish (I've never been good at following rules):

  1. I wish for peace, world peace and peace between all of us.
  2. I wish for health for the earth and all its residents. I hope you are participating in Earth Hour tonight!
  3. I wish for love for everyone.
  4. I wish for patience, for myself and everyone else.
  5. I wish for life for all of us. And for the unborn and yet to come, I wish a planet that is habitable.
  6. I wish everyone would follow the golden rule (including me).
  7. I wish for a good night's sleep for all.


---Michael--- said...

Mary, the controversy is over now, but apparently ol wog tigley was concerned about my use of the "skywatch friday" badge.

So, badge deleted, problem solved. But that meant no promotion for ol' Tom, so he emailed me an apology.

I am still trying to decide what it all meant!

---Michael--- said...

Mary? you have about covered the waterfront in YOUR wish except for one thing... you didn't ask for ten trillion dollars for our governemnet so it can support us in our old age.