Thursday, March 06, 2008

Early Morning Walk

I have my first water media class from ten to three today.  I must be nervous about it, because I couldn't sleep.  I am back from my first walk of the day.  I left at 6 AM; it was still dark.  The sidewalks were very icy.  One good thing about walking at 6 AM is that there is less traffic.  Some of the time, I walked in the middle of the street to try to avoid the ice (there was some there, too).  The bad thing is that cars don't expect a person to be walking down the middle of the street in the dark.  So when a car did come, I had to high-tail it over the ice and back to safety. 

It's quiet at 6 AM, not many people out and about.  No barking dogs.  But the early-morning birds were just starting to sing.  Not just dawn coming, but spring!


BerryBird said...

How exciting to be taking a painting class! It's been a few years, huh? I'm sure you will have a blast.

coffeypot said...

I had my first walk around 4:30. I went from the bed to the bathroom and back. There was no snow or ice, but it was cool enough to enjoy jumping back in bed under the covers.

I will be teaching soon, too. The senior center asked me to teach a beginning computer class to all the old folks. It's volunteer, so if I fuck up, they can't fire me. YEAH!

Nadine said...

"Water media" is painting? Huhn?

coffeypot said...

It is when you write you name in the snow - in calligraphy and underlined.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yeah, I am very excited and having fun--it's also sort of scary, doing something new where people you don't know can see you you when you fail.

Water media is water color painting and water color crayons, pencils, pastels etc. Also pens and ink. So far mostly painting.

Congratulation Coffey--I offered to teach Photoshop but they didn't want me.

Writing your name int he snow is a guy thing. I can't move my butt around that fast.