Monday, February 05, 2007

Wind-chill Day

The boys are celebrating; it's Wind-chill Day! No School. Video Games Galore. They are shouting and killing each other over and over. I'm not sure I approve of the violence, but now they are in there singing. I made them milkshakes. Chocolate. They nuked themselves some taquitoes. It's party time. I'm trying to work on my novel. The noise is horrendous, but at least they sound happy. Outside, the sun is shining--brightly--but it is COLD! I guess winter has finally actually arrived--and with a vengeance!

I'm also still working on my delayed IMBOLC* taking down of the greens between chapters--hope I finish today. I am ready for the turn into sun!

*"the official last day of the Christmas season and also the last date for taking down the Christmas greens. Leaving them up after Candlemas (or Imbolc) is bad luck." I may be in for some bad luck then, because I'm not quite done yet. And this is the 5th! Posted by Picasa


BerryBird said...

It must be warmer in your house than it is in mine... I see short sleeves on one boy, and another appears shirtless altogether. How exciting for the kids to have this snow day, this unexpected party. Milkshakes and taquitos... what could be better?

Nicole said...

Yum, love taquitos, or any Mexican food for that matter. Husband dragged out his Nintendo system from his childhood yesterday and has been attached to it ever since.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks Berry Bird and Nicole. Mmm, I love GOOD Mexican food. Mmmm. I also like Taquitoes. I'm not sure I would classify them as "good" Mexican food, but they do taste good. I didn't have any, though.

That's Graham with no shirt--he's in a macho kick with the cold. It's about 63 in here, though those guys make enough heat between them and their video equipment that it's prolly warmer in there.

Now we are back from the Coney, Graham has gone to Shane's (out in this cold in a T-shirt), Keith is vacuuming where the tree was (we finally got it down!) and I am listening to the Grateful Dead American Beauty.