Monday, November 07, 2005

Fish Soup Again and new posts

My grocery bill was larger than I expected (and I forgot to buy toilet paper!) I was wondering what the problem was. The quarter of pound of shrimp I bought was only $1.89! Bu the quarter pound of scallops was $5.44! Wild-caught! They're supposed to be healthier because of all the antibiotics and growth hormones in the farm raised ones. There weren't any farm-raised ones available. For lunch, I took half of each and added them to yellow squash, portabella mushroom and borcoli with a little onion and garlic, salt and pepper for a great fish soup! YUM! I love fish soup! it tastes awesome, is quick and easy to prepare, and healthy as can be, except those chemicals in the farm-raised shrimp and the nonorganically grown veggies I just grabbed up at Wegman's.

One of my Psions has decided to work a little so I made new posts at Unbearable Darkness, Invisible Trail and Raw Words. As well as new pix at Imagik--and more to come if I ever have time. I'm very excited to have recovered at least some of my novel chapters lost on the death of Dead from Sara, though I haven't had time to deal with them yet. And don't know what stage they are--I may be posting them as well, for an added security measure. I guess the more places they exist, the less likely there are to disappear.

Here's a note from Raw Words, written yesterday in Wegman's parking Lot, in the rain:

I am feeling happy. I feel good, I feel comfortable, I feel excited about my work, I am eager to work on the pictures for the course and the pictures for the show. (I am also happy to be in Syracuse where people are seeking me out and I'm not an unknown nobody with almost no friends.) I am looking forward to seeing Keith on the weekend. I feel good, I feel happy. (Hope the sky is not about to fall.)

Of course, I got dashed down today when Bryan Peterson didn't like two of my pictures. But I still feel pretty good.
I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats

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