Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the three ingredient stirfry

When I am in a rush, and I so often seem to be in a rush, I've developed the habit of making a three ingredient stir-fry. I toss into the pan some olive oil, some mystery meat, and 2 veggies (okay, okay, that's four ingredients!) I keep the veggies in one spot, the meat fish and poultry in another, and it's genuine fast food. I may also toss in onion or garlic, spices, salt and pepper. Today, lamb, garden mushrooms, and red cabbage. Yum. NOTHING else, so salt or pepper or anything--tastes great just as it is. Nutritious, not very fattening, and quick.
I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Last night, my three ingredient stirfy had salmon, portabellas, and yellow squash. That was tasty too!