Wednesday, November 09, 2005

rolling thunder

The best laid plans of mice and men gwyn aft awry.

I planned my day so carefully. Doctor appointment at 4, meeting Sara at 6 or 6:30 at Loretto. My daily walk at 2. Chores in the AM etc. But it rained all day.

I cut a hole in the top and sides of a garbage bag and put that over my regular coat for extra protection. I loaded my camera gear into dry bags and set out in the rain, but it started pouring. I couldn't take pictures, too wet. It rained hard. Harder and harder. The colors were brilliant in the rain in spite of the dark dark sky. It was gorgeous out. To add to the ambiance, it thundered almost continuously the entire time I was out, a rolling grating thunder that varied in loudness. And the sky flashed continuously with lightning. It was "totally awesome," wild, and solitary--no one out there but me! And so beautiful, the rain black trees dark against the rain spattered sky-grey ponds with all the brilliant colors, I loved it. Wished I could have somehow photographed it!

Except that it rained harder and harder and I began to worry for my gear. I cut my walk short by 15 minutes. And as I headed for the car, the rain, which I didn't think could get any harder, got harder. It was pouring so hard it was like standing under a waterfall. I leaped into the car shedding sheets of water and and tried to free my gear and dry it. Came home to dry my gear. I am SOAKED to the skin, but before I put dry clothes on (so much for counting and laying out all my outfits for the upcoming week), I'm going out to walk the last 15 minutes of my walk. In the rain. Without my gear.
I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats


peacorpus said...

Wow, I wish I can do that. I have never walked in the rain in a long time, well, at least not in that way that I can really soak myself wet. I always have the kids with me and when we do walk in the rain, it is always with raingear. I'm sure they would love to soak in the rain too. Christa would enjoy that. She hates bringing an umbrella. It's nice to walk in the drizzle too, is it not? Feels romantic, hmmm? (yeba, yeba, yeba)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I was wearing raingear and it was COLD, but it was raining so hard I got soaked to the skin anyway, and cold--I liek it better in the summer! But it was incredibly gorgeous! The colors were so bright and saturated.