Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in Detroit

If you have trouble keeping track of where I am and are interested to know, I am back in Detroit. I had a bit of an arduous trip. After driving over 6 hours, I waited over an hour at the border crossing from Sarnia, Canada into Port Huron, Michigan and when finally, with great relief, I reached the inspection booth, I was told I had been randomly chosen to be inspected. I was in a panic because I had 19 boxes of stuff that I was moving from Baldwinsville and bags of food, camera gear, etc. I was afraid it would take hours and produce a huge mess. I was herded into a waiting line which consisted of almost entirely dark-skinned dark-haired people (obviously no racial profiling going on there). I was wondering how I fit in. I waited another half hour and got a very cheery youngish, blond-haired woman who, after having me fill out some paperwork and inspecting my new passport with my new still unfamiliar name on it, cheerfully dismissed me without inspecting my car. Phew! As it was, I did not arrive until well after 9 and had no supper and no walk. But I'm here and alive and the car made it, too. Tonight is Graham's concert for Summer Select Choir. He has ridden off on his bike to summer select,, Keith is at work, and, oh boy, I get to start unpacking some of those 19 boxes.

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