Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Note to Molecular turtle on the event of a new Aquarium:

I used to raise guppies, very pretty.  Fancy ones!  Nice colors.

Mine met sad demises in a variety of ways. Once the heater malfunctioned and they all were boiled to death. Another time the tank developed a leak while I was on an extended trip and all the water leaked out, ruining the floor and rugs and desiccating the fish--speaking of which--one of their favorite things to do was to leap out of the tank at night and dry up sticking to the floor before morning.  The best part of that was the dreams I had, recurring dreams of them swimming in the air above the tank at night, venturing further and further away.  They had to be back by down or they'd fall to the floor and shrivel, but they were so eager to explore they sometime risked swimming too far through the air.

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