Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Polenta Glut

When I was in NY, I bought some dried (unprepared) polenta with mushrooms and spices (at Wegman's--I couldn't find the tubular kind), and yesterday afternoon I cooked it up.  First I boiled it and then poured it into a brownie pan and suspended that in a larger pan of cold water so it would congeal and then sliced it and fried it with shallots, garlic, and jalapenos.  Meanwhile, I asked Keith to grill some swordfish (first I've bought in ten years due to overfishing), and I made a stirfry with broccoli, yellow and green squash, and corn, along with garlic, shallots and old bay spices.  Keith made guacamole and I made peach salsa.  It was a wonderful meal, very tasty, but there was too dang much of it.  The polenta with the guacamole and peach salsa would have been a meal in itself and was too much to go with the other stuff.

This morning I had cold sliced polenta with rose hip preserves for brunch, and tonight I am frying a little of it up to go with the lamb and stirfry I'm making for dinner.  Only I am not going to make all the extras.  The batch I made made a LOT of polenta, and there is still more left.  Hmmm, what else can I do with polenta that is full of mushrooms and spices (not really a breakfast food as is.)  Maybe tomorrow I will make some fresh salsa and have it for lunch.  Then I will wait a while before I make more, or at least make a smaller batch.

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