Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beating the heat, not.

I was already 90 degrees when I went out to mow.  I hadn't had breakfast yet because I'd been busy with something else and wanted to mow as soon as possible.  It was 90 in the house too, but amazingly, the 90 outside felt cooler than the 90 inside because there was a nice breeze.  The mower started on the first pull and it only took me 33 minutes to mow the lawn--a hot 33 minutes, but the breeze helped.  There was less breeze in the back yard though. I was pretty hot by the time I finished but since I hadn't walked or mowed 45, I walked around two blocks.  Then I had some mail issues, and so at 12:30 PM, I haven't yet had breakfast, so I am going to do that next.  I want to work on the recertification papers, but I'm sweating so profusely I'm afraid the papers will dissolve in the sweat.  It's supposed to be record -breakingly hot today.  So, we'll see.  I considered going to work on the recertification at the Library, but I may need materials I don't have with me.

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