Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Taking it with me

For a long time, I carried no purse, only a wallet in my back pocket, like a man.  This was because I drove a motorcycle, and it is most convenient to travel light under those circumstances. 

Later, when I had a car, I started carrying a purse and then a BACKPACK full of stuff.  It got entirely out of hand.  I carried several books, a novel, a poetry book, a few field guides, a flashlight, my wallet, my checkbook, a couple water bottles, spare batteries, lip balm, dimes and quarters, a comb, a brush, a note pad, a camera, a journal, a small computer, and a lot of other stuff.  It got even worse when I had babies.  Then I had the backpack and a diaper bag full of diapers, pins, rubber pants, baby oil, baby powder, toys and rattles.  At least I never needed to carry formula, since I was a nursing mother. 

I'm riding a motorcycle again and have discovered I can get along pretty well without much of the stuff I'd gotten in the habit of carrying.  I do wear jeans with big pockets though, so I can carry a phone, a small computer, a camera, a pair of classes, a pen, a marker, a hanky, spare change, my wallet and so on.  I just need a smaller flask-shaped water bottle though.  One I could put in my back pocket.  I used to have one in my old motorcycle days, but it has long-since disappeared.

Must Carry Meme:  things I simply MUST carry with me, in order of importance.  If you're visit me here, post your own!

1)camera.  That's the most important item on my must have list
2)computer, the next most important thing.  I carry a small palmtop (Psion) for writing poems and stories, jotting down notes etc)
3)hanky (not as important as it used to be before I gave up dairy.  Better than tissues as it is washable and never shreds.  Works even if wet.)
4)pen--in case I need to write something (I usually have several of these, a marker or two and a pencil of possible)
5)wallet with cash, ID, credit cards (I usually have this with me, but not always.  If I got out with Keith, I don't always carry it)
6)glasses--I carry some in a small tubular case for emergency reading of small print
7)cell phone
8)change--because I forget to charge the cell phone, also for parking meters which I avoid using whenever possible

Should carry:

1)paper (what good is a pen without it?  (But I can't figure out a good way to carry it in my pocket without shredding it)
2)water--no solution to that either.  Doesn't fit in my pocket and, as Neil Young says, "In my new life, I am traveling light."
3)ID--even when I go out with K, but how, if I have a dress with no pockets and hate purses?

Overnight carry:

1)CPAP--can't breathe without it--try traveling light with THAT!
2)Meds--I never used to take any but now I take 2, synthroid and Lescol
3)sundries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, barrettes, hair bands, shampoo, canditioner)
4)special food (becase of my allergies)
5)and all of the above/camping gear if camping


Erin said...

What about keys?

What I bring depends on how long I'm leaving the house for. I won't carry anything in my pockets, ever. So if I'm going for more than a walk in the neighborhood (in which case I take nothing), my purse contains a minimum of wallet, coin purse, keys, chapstick, hair clip, pen, chub notebook, sunglasses, pillbox w/ advil, cell phone charger, eye drops, and antibacterial hand sanitizer. Yes, I just went and looked. And yes, I have a big purse. I usually throw in a bottle of water and a book, too.

The cell phone clips to my waist.

Sara said...

Haha. I remember those giant purses you used to carry when we were kids. We gave you such a hard time about it, too, calling them your suitcases. It much bring you some small amount of pleasure seeing Erin carry such a large purse nowadays.

Sara said...

Regarding the paper thing, here is a suggestion: take a piece and cut it to size so that it is slightly narrower than the width of your glasses cases. Roll it up, scroll style, around your glasses, and keep it in the glasses case. Voila! Emergency paper. You won't be able to write a novel... but that's what the Psion is for, eh? Is the longing for paper an antiquated habit that you keep up out of nostalgia? What do you use it for where the Psion would not suffice?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL!!! Wait til she's carrying that AND a diaper bag!

A man, seeing Keith and I taking pictures at the marina, stopped to ask us if we could take some pictures for him. I would have written my phone number down and handed it to him if I had paper.

The glasses case is a small tube into which one can hardly jam the glasses never mind a rolled up piece of paper--but it would have been a good idea otherwise (normal glasses care).

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OH, yeah, keys! Well right now, my keys clip to my jeans with a biner.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Cool list, Erin! LOL!