Monday, November 19, 2007

joining the freeze your buns campaign

I've been on the freeze your buns campaign for years, but when I moved in with Biker Buddy, he and Piano Boy were cavorting around the house in their skivvies--in the WINTER. Horrors, how unenvironmental! Needless to say, things changed around here, and every winter, including this one, we've lowered the temperature a little. Biker Buddy is happy with the financial savings and I am happy to think we are adding the minimum amount to the heat pollution and general pollution of the world. Also, I think it is healthier to minimize the difference between internal and external temperatures and summer and winter. Too hot in the winter and too cold in the summer is environmentally stupid and physically unhealthy.

We are also shifting more and more to organic local foods. Organic means fewer toxins in the body and fewer poisons in soil air and water and local means less fossil fuels burned and fewer pollutants produced moving the food. We compost and recycle and do as much as we can in other ways, too.


coffeypot said...

I only recycle hamburger into fertilizer.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

sounds like a major contribution, Coffeypot! :-D LOL!

Fran M said...

Yeah. We belong to that club. I'm wearing sweat
pants and a flannel linned shirt right now. Dinner
was homemade turkey soup with carrots and peas from
the garden. Homegrown stuff makes a lot of sense (as
it has since my parents grew their own) know
how it was grown and you didn't have to drive anywhere
to get it.
Used to be called "cheap." Now, I'm environmentally

Susan E said...

This is the first I'd heard of it, but I'm all for it. I must admit, however, that I'm tolerating cold and heat less well as I age. Maybe if we got more accustomed to the cold when we were younger, it would be easier, but I'm not sure. I well remember how warm my mother kept her apartment as she aged. Anyway, thanks for the note!