Monday, November 05, 2007

Preparing for my art exhibit at Westcott

I have had six of my pieces accepted at the Westcott Gallery in Syracuse, NY. These are prints of the six paintings, framed and ready to go. Nearly ready. I have to put hanging hardware on and fill out paperwork and pack them up. Click image to view larger. I left it large so you could see it the details if you are interested. Sorry about the reflections. :-(

The show runs November 15 through December 31, 2007. If you happen to be in Syracuse during that period, the gallery is located at the corner of Westcott Street and Euclid Avenue. Upstairs in the Westcott Community Center, which used to be a fire station. Entry is free.
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Nadine said...

I particularly like the forget-me-nots...

But they are all lovely.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much, Nadine, I really appreciate that! :-D YAY!

coffeypot said...

If I am in Syracuse, it’s because I passed out in a trucker bar and ended up in the sleeper of some truckers cab. I pray to Jesus it was a female trucker. Otherwise, I don’t want to talk about it.

But you art is beautiful. How can you doubt yourself? I would love to be able to do something like that – but not flowers, maybe nudes, definitely landscapes. But I can’t get it in my minds eye enough to pass it on to my hand and fingers.

Good luck with your showing. I hope you make millions.

coffeypot said...

There is a western art museum (Booth’s Western Art Museum) in Cartersville, GA, up the highway from my hometown of Woodstock. I know. Georgia is a strange place to have a western museum, but we do.

However there are three floors of art, carvings, old posters and other Western stuff. But there are two pictures in there that just absolutely amaze me. They look like photographs of the artist daughter in western gear. But they are done with color pencils. It blows my mind every time I see them. There are no lines that you would imagine you’d see if was done with a pencil. It is seamless, and smooth and as real as a photograph. That’s what I would love to do. The model, not the art! :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! You're such a riot, Coffeypot. I really appreciate your kind support. REALLY! :-D

I won't make millions cause I am charging $67 each and then I have to give 20% to the gallery--this is assuming any of them sell at all--and pay for the shipping and the frames and the prints etc.

What I meant about my art talent is that I can't just sit down and say, draw a likeness of someone from scratch. And I am VERY VERY slow!

I never studied art. I studied biology and poetry. LOL!

If you fall asleep in some trucker bar and have a long *RIDE* to Syracuse, stop in and say hi. :-D

Of course, I'm not sure I'll be there, since I'm in Detroit now.

If I can do art, anyone can, including you!!!

My pencil drawings really LOOK like pencil drawings, you can see every line. (See, that's what I MEAN about talent.)

coffeypot said...

The only biology I ever studied in school was anatomy in the back seat of my car. Made good grades, too.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I still find anatomy fascinating. I haven't outgrown it yet.