Monday, January 14, 2008

Kisses at Dodge Park

Yesterday we rode our Motorcycles to Dodge Park. Brrr, cold ride.
But, in spite of the fact that I have a cold, and was very cold, and
that is was a bit dismal, and that they were threatening rain and
snow--90% chance--we still had fun and made it home safely. We do
enjoy our ONE day a week together (Biker Buddy is working 58-hour
weeks, 6 day-weeks).


coffeypot said...

Have you people not heard of a car? They are much warmer and won't give you frost bite. And you can make out in the back seat, though you might leave foot prints on the ceiling.

coffeypot said...

And I know its cold, but I don't see any tongue action there. No tonsil hockey! No saliva slides! No spit swapping!

kunal bhatia said...

aaawww, thats a lovely pic. and im guessing that bikes are more fun than a car...
sorry coffey pot.
- Mindless Mumbai

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Motorcycles are definitely more fun in the summer time, but in the winter--well, it's a toss-up--we got pretty cold on the highway!