Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Today's work

Biker Buddy Drove all day from upstate NY to Detroit and I rode shotgun and "painted" on my computer. This piece, "Greenfield Woman," is not done yet. This is what I got done in more than seven hours of driving. I had trouble with computer. Biker Buddy had trouble with the weather, roads, drivers and boarder crossings. Crossing back into Michigan from Canada at Sarnia/Port Huron was terrible. It snowed off and on and there were squalls and rain and icy conditions and snowy conditions. But we are home safe. And we had a walk and a nice meal and got the car unloaded. But we haven't unpacked yet. Click images to view larger.



coffeypot said...

The bottom one should be titled, "The Tattooed Granny.” It looks like she is covered in tattoos.

Do you take a picture and “paint” over it? I don’t know how your computer works. Do you paint from scratch on plain “paper?”

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm not done with this yet. This one is a smudge painting, where I paint over a picture on the computer. Some are done from scratch on the computer and some are done from scratch on paper. Some are done from scratch on paper, scanned and then manipulated on the computer.

Oh-oh. I should not use that word!