Monday, January 28, 2008

The nothing space and the nothing box

Over at Coffeypot's blog, there is a You Tube movie about Men and Women's brains. (Go there and watch it if you haven't seen it yet, it's very funny and you can follow up from there if you want more info.)

I just wanted to say, in response:

My brain is a ball of interconnected wires. In the center of my ball of wires is a spherical space, and at the center of that space is . . . nothing.

It's a bit hard to get to through all those wires, but I can do it and sometimes do. Not nearly often enough. It's a lovely nothingness and in the center of it is sweet waking relaxation. Around the outside of the waking energetic nothing is a duller sort of nothing. I get trapped there sometimes, between the energy of action and the energy of nothing in a tired and blah nothing space.

My inner spherical nothing space is different than BB's nothing box. It's a more active sort of nothing, and electrical buzzing nothing. But a kind of nothing none the less.

When BB zones out into his nothing box, he usually falls asleep. Sleeping is his favorite activity in his nothing box and he does a LOT of that kind of nothing.

While he's sleeping on the couch, I stay alert--bzzzt, bzzt, bzzt, connecting my wires and buzzing with thoughts, plans, activities. Sometimes it's hard to level down to the sleep nothing or energy nothing. This may be why I have insomnia. I need more practice with navigating the levels of nothingness and properly inhabiting them.


coffeypot said...

Okay! So you're nuts. Take a pill.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YOU started it--posting that male brain female brain thing.