Thursday, January 24, 2008

Soon Forgotten, an Anti-Valentine

Soon Forgotten, an anti-valentine. This is my first anti-valentine for dabbler's black-heart anti-valentine contest. * I thought it should be sort of the opposite of a real loving valentine, cluttered, ugly, dark, and with negative sentiments. The colors represent the jumble of emotions in a relationship gone bad. The snow is the freeze that comes between lovers when things go wrong. The hearts are dark and somewhat indistinct. I like the way the words are disappearing into the picture, dissolving into the background. (In my real life, though, my loves are not soon forgotten--this is what I might tell them in a fit of fury, but it is not the truth.) Click images to see larger.

(This is for when BB disappoints me or I disappoint him.)

*Ironically, I had forgotten it was called a "black-heart" contest, but black just seemed like the appropriate color!

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