Friday, January 06, 2012

For Hennie Mavis

My friend Hennie Mavis gave me this for Christmas (among other things, thank you very much, Hennie!):

It's a post-it note holder.  I do use a LOT of post-it notes.  I think she gave it to me because she was highly amused at my post-it notes, attached to the kitchen cupboard, two if which said:

  • "photograph Grim Reaper at night"
  • "rabies letter"
Both of these made perfect sense to me, since I knew what they meant.  Curious?  Click here!  See the Grim Reaper, photographed at night?  The rabies letter note was because I got bitten by a dog.

I just found another one that might have amused Hennie had she seen it--it was damaged in the most recent flood at the retreat house.  It predates Hennie's visit.

What it said was:
  • "Photograph Our Lady of Perpetual Weirdness."  That task was for my Detroit Daily blog, and, I don't think I ever did it--I still want to.  I'm only posting it for Hennie's possible amusement.


John said...

What a thoughtful gift and it is true Mary, our own short "memory" notes make perfect sense to the writer but would have everyone else scratching their heads.... Of course if I read one of my notes a day or so later I get confused myself!

Anonymous said...

I AM amused! I do love your little "reminder" Post-Its everywhere. I even like Keith's! "Let's discuss all relevant factors." I leave little notes for myself, too. I have one in the car that says simply "GAS" in big black marker. I keep it in the glove box & take it out when I need to remember to gas up the car... but read aside of that circumstance? Funny :-)

merrytait said...

Thanks, John. Do any of your notes cause friends to go into fits of hilarity?

Hennie, I am laughing my head off remembering your amusement.

I have a gas note in my car, too. (Should I open the windows?) Danger danger!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that when I saw the note "photograph our Lady of Perpetual Weird" I immediately thought, "Self portrait, of course!" HA! The Grim Reaper note STILL makes me laugh. SO funny, when I first saw it on the kitchen counter :-) It really was the cause for much hilarity, you know how easy I laugh!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OK, I AM pretty weird, but it wasn't me I meant to photograph. Sometime, I will go do it--maybe tomorrow, and post it for you.