Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strawberry Boullibaisse


Last night I made Strawberry Boullibaisse. I didn't think to take a picture, we just gobbled it up. I usually put lemon juice and orange rind in, but Piano Boy had asked for strawberries for smoothies and then not eaten them, so I had a whole quart of them. (I only used about one fifth of them for two people).

 Here's what I did: I cut up fresh fennel, mushrooms, yellow squash, green squash spinach and strawberries, added a can of olive (sm can) drained, a can of organic diced tomatoes with juice, a can of clams with juice, tilapia, scallops, and shrimp. I cut the fish in soup sizes. For vegetarians, substitute tofu and/or beans for the fish. Spices: thyme, parsley, dill, garlic, salt, pepper, old bay, bay leaves, coriander.

It was different but delicious.

I'm a creative cook, so my recipes are pretty general--I always assume you can decide how much of everything you need per person.

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