Friday, January 27, 2012

Monita Rides again and Janathon Day 27

Monita the Mannequin
5 x 7. colored pencil
When I got the sketchbook, I was thinking of a nature Journal OR better yet, a children's story, but the paper was so crappy I spent all my time just trying to find a way to do art on it.  I wish I had taken it apart.  Next time, I will know better.  I did this on the bleed through from a pervious page.  I don't have time (too much else to do and not as fast or creative as Aya) to start over now.  (I am applying for a fellowship in poetry and the deadline is the same day and I have a LOT left to do!

I walked to Staples and then to the Village Market and home again, about an hour.  (Well over 45 minutes!)  I had an insomniac night last night.  I am exhausted.

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John said...

I like it Mary, hope you sleep well tonight.