Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!!! (and a start at resolutions)


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  I hope your year is the best one yet.

Every year at this time, I make a list of resolutions, and if I compared the lists from one year to the next, they would have a lot in common.  The problems I need to solve in my life go on from year to year pretty much unchanged, in spite of my efforts to change them.  Not that there is no change, but the change is glacial.

To top things off, I was up all night with insomnia and am exhausted.  Not a good way to start the new year.

SO--insomnia is my first issue.  To work on that, I need to eat right and exercise right.  Those are my first goals.

One day at a time, I will start eating better and work on my exercise program.

I also want to get more organized, and I need more time, so I have made a resolution to work on various organizational issues, and I have started with this goal:  every day, I am going create one or more filters to reduce the amount of incoming email.  I have 21,744 UNREAD messages in my inbox and thousands of read ones waiting for some action on my part.  So far today, I have created three filters to remove unwanted mail and deleted many others.  It seems like a small effort, but over time, I hope it will help my overall time problem.

I may post more about my goals later today or in the upcoming days.

I hope you have a great year.


Anonymous said...

I love your "organizational" resolution. I need that too, badly. I need to do a biz website, & catalog redesign. Plus, I need to organize personal goals as well. And my email box is up to 300 saved items, which also need screened, filed &/or pitched. Thanks for the inspirational reminder!

John said...

Well done Mary!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much Hennie and John!!!! I hope I'll get a better start on things tomorrow.